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Studying well and scoring good marks is the gift I can given for my mother

Brindha is from a family of three girls brought up by her widowed mother. They live in a rural village in Namakkal district. Here in this part of the district girl children are seen as a burden to the family and so when Brindha was born the third girl in the family, she was less accepted by her paternal grandparents. They made attempts of killing her as an infant. It was her mother and her family who stood against the act and rescued her from that situation. Within few years, her father died due to ill health when Brindha was in first standard. Her mother  who had studied till high school had limited opportunities for work in rural areas and the only work she could get was working as a coolie labourer. She then joined work in a social organisation as a field worker and changed the girls to English medium from the government Tamil medium school. Though Brindha had difficulty in adjusting from the local language to complete English medium of instruction in her subjects, she worke