Confidence Building Camp for Orphan Adolescents

What is Buds N Colors Camp?

Buds N Colors camp is for adolescent children orphaned and affected by HIV and AIDS in the HIV high prevalent Namakkal district in Tamilnadu. The aim of this camp is to share love, build hope and strengthen faith to live life with dignity and courage.

Why this camp?

Adolescents living with HIV find it hard to set higher goals due to the fear that dominates their emotions. HIV has affected their self –image causing a severe low self esteem. Our experiences from the previous camp have shown, given a space for the adolescents, they emerge as leaders of hope and change for others like them.

Who are the participants at Buds N Colors Camp?

This camp is exclusively for adolescent children who have lost one or both parents to HIV and AIDS in the age group of 12 to 18 years. Around 40 adolescent children will participate in this camp

What is the uniqueness of the camp?

This camp provides opportunity for creating peer buddies among previous campers and new campers to support the new campers with hope and courage. The new campers are adolescents who have been reached recently and still struggling with the knowledge of the HIV status.

When and where is the camp planned to be organised?

Buds N Colors Camp is planned at Mornese Convent, Yercaud from May 28th to 31st 2013.

What is going to be there for 4 days at the camp?

The 4 day residential camp provides space for all the campers to know one another very well and get encouraged that one is not alone because of the impact of this disease. Forenoon sessions are packed with character building sessions using action songs, stories and skits. Afternoon sessions are focused on building self-esteem, leadership and life skills.

Who are going to facilitate these sessions?

Friends and Volunteers of Buds of Christ participate and share their skills and experiences to the adolescent children during the camp. We are looking forward for some new volunteers who are joining the camp for the first time this year.

How can we be part of this camp?

You can contact for volunteering at the camp with your skills and experiences. You can financially contribute to the needs of camp and make a difference in the lives of adolescent children orphaned by HIV and AIDS and get updated on the impact. Donations can be done by clicking on the GIVE and Build CONFIDENCE link provided by Global Giving.

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