Little Stars are Our Children Courageously Living with HIV and AIDS

Yes it’s another little star group of children coming together to learn and to also share their love with each other. These children are children living with HIV who are below 14 years and are on treatment. As most of them belong to the poor economic condition and their care takers are not educated, the information about their health and treatment is less among them and often result in casual attitude towards treatment. It is through the Little Stars support group meeting, the information is shared to the children so that they adopt positive living. In addition, these meetings also help them to experience the love of their peers more freely without the fear of stigma and discrimination.
The sessions are planned to include health related topic, life skills session and a value based education. Different techniques are used to engage the children and also help them learn information faster.
The little stars is organised every month at Tiruchengode and Salem that includes song time, life sk…

At BUDS - We Educate a Child to TURN HER WALLS into DOORS

Latha is an orphan girl child, looked after by her widowed mother. She is now doing her post graduate in clinical nutrition. She belongs to rural village area in Namakkal and from a dis-advantaged community. It is a common culture in her community that once girl attains puberty, they get her married off. When she was 14 years old, proposals came for her, but her mother was very firm in not getting her married. Though she had been ridiculed for the decision, she stood very firm that she will have her daughter educated as she realized the importance of education and had approached Buds of Christ, when Latha was in 8th standard. She has been receiving support with books and uniform during her schooling and currently for her college, the course fees, books and bags are supported.

Anu and Seetha are two orphan girls studying in the primary classes and under the care of their grandparents. Their father deserted them and their mother died when they were very small. Their grandfather has been …