Covid-19 - Nutrition is crucial for families affected by HIV and AIDS

The Corona pandemic is hitting hard causing fear among the general public. The Strict measures taken up by the government in curtailing the pandemic by strict lock down procedures in safeguarding the people and preventing community transmission so far has been effective. At the same time, the effects of the lock down has been observed in the families and children reached through Buds of Christ.

Majority of the children’s caretakers are daily wage workers whose income manages the family’s nutritional needs. Now with the lock down affecting their nutritional requirements, as the children and caretakers who are mostly widow women living are already immune compromised due to HIV, keeping them healthy is important in this pandemic period. So at Buds of Christ in addition to creating awareness of the Covid-19 to the children, caretakers and young people living with HIV; emergency nutritional supplies were facilitated to more than 75 families during the last week of March and in the month of April 2020. 

The families we reach are mostly from rural places and are located very far. The support to the families were facilitated through the young volunteer leaders of Buds of Christ who themselves are living with HIV and directly to door-step through the field team.

In the last three weeks, we have been able to support more than 75 families in Salem, Namakkal and Tiruchengode. The support has been possible through well wishers who generously donated during this pandemic.

Nandhini is 12 years old and living with HIV and with her grand mother. Her grand mother works as a coolie worker and takes care of the needs of the family. The support has helped the family to manage the nutritional needs of both of them, especially as the grand mother has been at home, during the lock down.

Sudha and her mother are living in a rural place and both are living with HIV. Sudha’s mother works as a coolie worker and does not have the govt ration card also and this lock down it has affected her earnings during this period.

All the children and families expressed their sincere gratitude for remembering them during this lockdown and extend this most crucial support for survival. We take this moment to thank all of our donors and wellwishers who mobilized and stood by us in helping the most needy families.

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