Our Partners

The Singapore International Foundation (SIF) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1991. Its mission is to build a better world through shared ideas, skills and experiences, so as to uplift lives and create greater understanding between Singaporeans and world communities. Its activities are organised around three strategic thrusts: working with communities for sustainable development, exchanging ideas for greater understanding, and showcasing Singapore to build ties. The foundation focuses on five core areas: healthcare, education, the environment, arts and culture, and livelihood and business.
Singapore Volunteers at Buds of Christ: Specialist Singapore International Volunteers (SIV) work in team-based, skills-transfer projects where they visit overseas partners regularly to build organisational and institutional capacity. They conduct training to upgrade the skills and technical know-how of the overseas communities, and also train hosts to become trainers themselves to enable greater self-reliance.

GlobalGiving is a charity fundraising web site that gives Social entrepreneurs and non-profits from anywhere in the world a chance to raise the money that they need to improve their communities. 

Why give through GlobalGiving?

GlobalGiving is changing the way people give, offering donors a transparent, high-impact giving experience. You choose where you want your money to go, and we get it there, quickly and efficiently. GlobalGiving gives access to new sources of funds to creative ideas and projects that might never be funded through traditional structures and development and philanthropy approaches.
We have a tested due diligence process, and make sure donors get feedback about how their contributions have been put to work and the results achieved - with satisfaction guaranteed through the GlobalGiving Guarantee.
The projects on GlobalGiving go through a rigorous due diligence review, satisfy IRS guidelines for international grant-making and tax deductibility, and follow Treasury Department guidelines for anti-terrorism.
Projects of Buds of Christ at Global Giving can be viewed by clicking the links below;

The Stop TB Partnership was established in 2001 building upon the Stop TB Initiative that was launched by WHO in 1998 and following a call at the Amsterdam Ministerial Conference in 2000. Its aim is to realize the goal of eliminating TB as a public health problem and, ultimately, to obtain a world free of TB. It comprises a network of international organizations, countries, donors from the public and private sectors, governmental and nongovernmental organizations that have expressed an interest in working together to achieve this goal.

Credibility Alliance, A consortium of voluntary organizations in India committed towards enhancing accountability, transparency in the voluntary sector through good governance.


CRIN is a global children's rights network. CRIN press for rights - not charity - and a systemic shift in how governments and societies view children. CRIN links to 2,226 organisations and have 21,778 resources on our site.