About Us

Buds of Christ exists to empower children from the most disadvantaged communities, with a focus among children and girls who have lost their parent/s and is living in disadvantaged circumstances of poverty, caste discriminated communities and HIV & AIDS. We recognize that children without the care of parents or guardian are often vulnerable to various forms of abuses and exploitation. We strive to empower these children to reduce their vulnerability and help them grow up to be capable adults in this world. 

Buds of Christ is legally registered organisation under Indian Charitable Trust Act (Regn No: 59/BK4/2007). We are also registered for 12 A and 80 G exemption with Income Tax Department. We also have received FCRA registration from Ministry of home affairs. Buds of Christ is a registered member organisation of Guidestar India, Credibility Alliance India.

Buds of Christ's key objectives are;
  • To provide health and educational support services for disadvantaged children and youth in rural communities
  • To work towards social security and protection of children rights in education, health, community, domestic, legal spheres and other settings
  • To develop peer leaders among orphaned adolescents and young people 
  • To organise grandparents and caretakers of orphan children and link them with existing government schemes and services 
  • To network with various government and non-governmental organisations in upholding the rights of children and encourage children participation at all levels
Our Model