About Us

Our Vision

Empower Children | Enable Wellbeing 

Our Mission 

"to LOVELISTENLEARN and LEAD children affected by HIV and AIDS to live life positively and with dignity to arise as leaders of hope and courage to their peers and to their community

Buds of Christ Charitable Trust exists to empower children affected by HIV and AIDS who have lost either one or both parents and is living in poor and vulnerable conditions. We focus on their health, education, awareness and leadership development with a child-rights approach and build confidence through life skills education. Our Organisation does not discriminate people based on caste, color, creed, race, religion, gender, disability etc. 

Legal Entity and Transparency 

Buds of Christ is legally registered charitable organisation under Indian Charitable Trust Act (Regn No: 59/BK4/2007). Buds of Christ is granted exemption from taxes by IncomeTax Dept under section 12(A) and 80(G) exemption with Income Tax Department. Buds of Christ is registered under FCRA, Ministry of home affairs. 

Buds of Christ is a registered member organisation of Keeping Children Safe, Guidestar India, Credibility Alliance India and Child Rights International Network.

Buds of Christ's key objectives

  • To provide health, educational, awareness and leadership development services for orphan children affected by HIV and AIDS
  • To protect orphans and vulnerable children particularly adolescent girls from child marriages, child sexual abuse and all forms exploitations
  • To bring awareness on issues of HIV and AIDS among school and college going students and on child protection and rights
  • To link government schemes with rural orphan children by helping in documentation and application procedures
  • To empower young people with leadership skills to serve other children 
  • To network with various government and non-governmental organisations in upholding the rights of children and encourage children participation 

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