Our Approach


Buds of Christ was one among the organisations in the region to recognise that the emotional, social, safety and cultural needs of children are as important as their material needs. Since the inception of our organisation we have always focussed and advocated care of children affected by HIV and AIDS in their families rather than institutional settings. 

Family Based Care. Every Child needs a loving family and a community. We encourage orphan children to reside with their widow mothers or grandparents in the villages. We support and empower such families to provide stable, secure and loving care for children. We believe children should grow up with their families. Family based care is based on the understanding that the family is the child's primary source of strength and support.

Feedback from the children and young people in the communities, especially from the very young children, however, served to remind us and re-emphasise the fact that, even in times of real material hardship, the “invisible” psychosocial support offered to children by our team and the neighbours makes a real difference to them and that this is valued as much. Families and neighbouring communities impact that gestures of care and love they make on children towards total well-being.

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