Empowering Children through Educational Support

Buds of Christ mission is to empower children and enable well-being with the main focus on rural orphan and vulnerable children from the lower socio-economic class. As part of it’s mission, Buds of Christ supports the educational needs of children to keep them in school, as most families see these expenses as a burden. Most of the children are complete orphans (who have lost both parents) or semi-orphans (one parent alive) and looked after by aged grandparents or distant relatives. Children are from government school and education is offered free of cost, children are given only text books; while note books ,uniform and other materials have to bought by children. The basic cost for every child comes to at least Rs 1000/year, which is unaffordable for most of the families where there is no male bread winner.

Buds of Christ tries to mobilize support every year to support the children basic educational cost. The total number of children reached through Buds of Christ as on June 2010 is 107, out of that 14 children are school drop outs. And all the 14 children are in the age group of 12 and 16 years and family economic condition has been given the cause of school drop outs among the affected children. Of the 93 children, one child from each family was supported; preference was given to children who are living with HIV as often they are the most neglected out of the affected children and orphans who have lost both parents.

No of children received support for School Uniforms 21
No of children received support for Books, Guide and Notebooks 32
TOTAL number of children who benefited through educational support 53

Buds of Christ needs many more hands to continue to support the educational needs of children who have lost their parents. If you would like to join hands with us please contact us at budsofchrist (at) gmail (dot) com

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