Reason for Buds of Christ's Existence

Buds of Christ emerged out of the need to empower children affected by HIV and AIDS. This instinct was sown deeply in my heart in 2003 when I worked closely with people living with HIV in a high prevalent district Namakkal, Tamilnadu; the issue that hit my heart hard was that the external funded project was unable to address the most deserving concern of children orphaned by HIV and AIDS. Though that project reached out to more than 2000 families, there were more than 3000 children in those communities and most of them were unattended. Children who were affected by HIV and AIDS were also at the brim of vulnerability as they started experiencing physical and sexual abuse; children dropping from school and getting into menial labour to support their sick parents; children living with HIV were not cared by family members; girls of HIV positive parents were getting married as early at 13 and 14 years of age. Having touched by these experiences and vulnerabilities of children, we realized the need to focus our work directly with orphans and vulnerable children.

On January 2007, Buds of Christ was registered as a public charitable trust with a vision to empower orphans and vulnerable children; and to enable well being in every sphere of their lives. When we thought about how we were going to proceed with our vision; Our inspiration is based on our core values; “Love the children, Listen to their voices and Lead them towards an empowered life.”

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