Social Determinants to health of children living with HIV and AIDS

HIV and AIDS is one health issue that has been highly focused and advocated thus facilitating better health to people living with HIV and AIDS. With treatment playing a major role in the lives of people living with HIV, the need to focus on social determinants is found essential especially for children living with HIV and AIDS.

Some of the key conditions that affect children’s health are
  1. There are many children who are taking medicines without knowing their status and even not understanding the consequences if not adhered to treatment.
  2. There are children living in very poor conditions, not able to afford nutritious food and living in unhygienic conditions,
  3. Many children have lost one or both parents, where family income is at stake
  4. There are children who are not able to afford to access the free treatment, due to expense that has to be incurred in traveling to the hospital.
  5. There are girl children who are targeted with moralistic remarks by the community of their status
  6. There are children under the care of grandparents whose physical inability affects children’s access to health care

The list of conditions are more, so what is essential now is along with treatment, there is a need also to look at the social determinants that affect children’s health.

As we all commemorate the World AIDS Day on December 1, let us also realize importance of the social determinants to health and make ways in addressing in a holistic manner.

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