Empowering Children through EDUCATION

Education support for children through Positive Women Network

21 children of Buds of Christ were supported through Positive Women Network, Chennai. The children selected for support belonged to poor socio-economic conditions and from families of widow –headed households and under the care of grand-parents.

The support of Rs.2000 /- was given to each child’s family. This support encourages many families to encourage their children to continue their education, especially supporting girl children.

In the case of keerthana studying 3 rd standard, she and her sister both are living with life long illness and are living with their mother who is separated from her husband. Her mother earns her income through collie work and finds it hard to manage the cost of treatment and food. This support further encourages the mother to keep her children in school.

The support has also encouraged orphan children supported by grandparents to continue in school. In many families’ boys when they have passed the 9th grade, they are usually stopped from school and made to work to support the family income. This support has encouraged such children too.

Balamurugan, an orphan child under the care of his aged aunt is studying 10th standard. His aunt is a rag picker and supports the family with that small income. This support has been an encouragement for his aunt in being assured of support for his education.

Educational support given to 21 families through Positive women network has supported the deserving orphan children to pursue their dreams in setting up goals and even families to encourage children to continue their education in spite of poor economic conditions

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