It always seems impossible until its done – Nelson Mandela

Seetha belongs to the most disadvantaged caste and class of the community. In addition, HIV has affected leaving her mother widowed by HIV and younger sister with HIV. She has an elder sister who was married early to support the family. Situation became worse when she also started depending on her natal family for financial support. Seetha, the second child in the family developed her dream to be a medical professional as she was doing well in her studies. She had scored (more than 90%) in her 10th public exam, while in her 12th standard the pressures of sharing the burden of care of her mother, sister and frequent power cuts made her secure only around 70%.

Seetha applied for Bsc Nursing and got her seat through Counseling under self-finance but she opted to study outside her village for a better exposure and learning. This is amazing and inspiring for all of us, because in the midst of many families losing heart and life after affected by HIV; here is a courageous child took the challenge to pursue her nursing degree in Bangalore. She even expressed that “it is the exposures she had got from well-wishers who visited Buds of Christ and trainings through life skills programme that has made her to set higher goals and take firm decisions”. Her mother expressed “I thank God and I would like to see my daughter serve suffering people with love and compassion”

At this point we thank all our friends and well-wishers who have made a visit to Buds of Christ and have spent time interacting with our children which is making a greater impact. In recent months, we and our children were encouraged with visits by Mr. Yugendra from Chennai, Ms Margaret and Ms Melissa from Singapore International Foundation.

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