Singapore Volunteers empowering Young Leaders for Change

It has been an exciting and enriching moment for adolescents of Buds of Christ to understand and explore their skills in leadership.

Marion and her team members Kharuna and Yu Zen - SIF volunteers
Buds of Christ working for orphan children who are from HIV affected families have a firm vision of empowering the children to help themselves and be an influence for others like them. With this mission, after four years of work, young people who had the passion to overcome their challenges were identified as possible leaders for change. It is for such children a first level training through STAR Academy, a leadership training Institute based at Singapore was organized on 14th, 15th and 16th of September at Buds of Christ, Tiruchengode Center.

The Leadership workshop started with a positive tone of helping every adolescent understand that each one is born perfect into the world and each one has unique skill and personality that can contribute to the self development and the development of others. As the training had a mix of personal reflections, activity based learning and personality assessment,the young people were totally involved and actively participated. In addition they also have designed small projects as teams to make an influence on children and adolescents like them.

For the Buds of Christ team it was an exciting moment to see leaders emerging from the affected community to make a change among children and young people like them.
Our sincere thanks to Ms Marion, Founder Marion Neubronner & Associates ( who volunteered to support the work through our partner Singapore International Foundation and also quickly adapt the training sessions to suite the interest of rural adolescents. We are also grateful to Yu Zen and Kharuna who supported the participants to learn the process better and even shared their own personal experiences of going through the training. We also would like to acknowledge Bhuvana who helped in the translation process

This leadership Training would not have been possible without the support of Singapore International Foundation ( whose volunteers and staff have helped us identify the resource person and also support the entire cost of the training. 

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