Leadership skills from Singapore STAR Academy

A three-day leadership training was organized for young adolescents by the STAR academy based in Singapore at Buds of Christ office, India. The programme has been organized in evolving leaders among young people to be future leaders of hope and courage to other children and young people like them.

The three day workshop focused on three major areas, first “Knowing oneself”;
“When they started the day and told us to write our special skill or talent that would be self encouraging, I felt very funny as we have always thought self praise will result in pride. But at the end of the third day it helped me realise that this step has boosted my self esteem and made me feel more confident about myself” said an orphan boy  living with HIV

The second area on “YOU and others “;
“I used to be very depressed because my mother often complains and scolds me. On the second day on coping with your thoughts, I learnt how important it is to ignore the negative thoughts and holding on to it will make you more depressed” expressed an adolescent girl living with her widowed mother
Team Game facilitated by Marion STAR Academy Singapore

The Third was “We”, where the members focus on a common goal and working together in realizing the goal as a team.
“When we had game, I just got involved completely in the game and tried to focus on winning as a team. Later during reflections, I could learn how much this game made me realise the potential that I had as a leader which I had not realized earlier” said an orphan adolescent boy

The exercises included self assessment of themselves using DISC profiling, followed by team building exercise under stress conditions that brought in the various characteristics of who takes the lead and who is supportive and who is an encourager and who remains silent.
On the final day, the adolescents were also able to evolve short-term projects to help people like them. The two major projects that the adolescents have evolved is leadership training for new young people who are in the neighboring taluk and life skills for adolescents through peer-based strategy.

At the end of the workshop the participants were awarded certificates acknowledging their participation.

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