Commemorating International Day of Girl Child on October 11th at Buds of Christ

The International day of the girl child stood it’s purpose, when Preetha, 15 years stood boldly and spoke about the state of rights ensured for girl child at the commemoration of the event with young girls and their care takers at BoC Children’s Center, Tiruchengode on 11th October 2014.

The event started with Ms. Gomathy, 17 year old emerging Buds Leader, shared the purpose why the day has been observed to the rest of the girls. She explained that the observation supports more opportunity for girls, and increases awareness of inequality faced by girls worldwide based upon their gender. She shared the issues of access for girls in the context of orphan girls and HIV and AIDS.

The main highlight was the presentation prepared by Preetha and her mother on the status of young girl of a widowed mother living with HIV. In her presentation it was vivid the attitudinal change that happened in her mother from the thought of getting her daughter married at an early age to ensure right to education for her two daughters. The other point was a to have a society that puts a stop to early marriages for girls, ends violence and abuse against young girls, provides opportunities for higher education and protection of girl’s rights.

The day ended with the other participants sharing their experiences of how this day they were able to reflect the status of young girls around them.The care takers expressed that they have been reaffirmed on  their commitment of girl child education and protection of their rights.

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