Singapore International Foundation Volunteer Jamie Chan, International Photographer trained our children

A- two day photography training was conducted for young people of Buds of Christ to equip them with basic skills in photography. The training was a practical based training conducted by the Singapore Volunteers Jamie, which the young people thoroughly enjoyed.

She used different techniques to teach the nuances in the photo taking which rendered even an amateur person to take photos with deeper meaning.

The practical experience and reviewing of the photographs taken helped the young people to improve their skills which were beautifully reflected on the second day of the training session. The youngest participant of the training was 13 year old child of the center.
When my photos were reviewed on the first day, it helped me to notice the area of improvements and I was happy I was appreciated on the photos taken on the second day…. expressed by an adolescent girl after the workshop

When I was given a camera to handle, I was scared, but later I gained confidence as my team partner encouraged me, and I was so happy when the photos were projected, I could not believe it was mine.-expressed by 16 year old orphan drop out boy.

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