Silent Yet Supportive – Courageous Buds Mother

Nadiya, the bold face and hope for many young girls living with HIV is the emerging star leader at Buds of Christ. Her life’s journey has not been a bed of roses but her persistent courage and confidence has helped her overcome her struggles. One of the key support that she leaned on to leap was her mother.

Nadiya's mother not a literate was married as a second wife. Within few years of marriage, he died leaving Nadiya and her mother with HIV. Her mother, being the second wife and affected by HIV, was  discriminated at many situations. There were instances when the relatives and the step children stood agaisnt both of  them accusing them with harsh words and kept them out of any family occasions and functions. They moved on supporting each other. Then another failure struck Nadiya hwen she failed in her 10th standard, even at that moment, her mother was silent and supportive. Few months later, Nadiya and her mother were thrown out of the house they were living by the step-brother claiming authority over the house. But that did not daunt the mother and daughter.

After a year of struggle trying many courses, she finally joined a beautician course that she enjoyed the most with a supportive trainer. After a year training at the institute, she is now joined as  assistant beautician in the same parlour. Nadiya in her free time volunteers with Buds of Christ in encouarging young girls like her to live life with hope. On this women's day celebration we salute Nadiya and specially her mother who has been silently supporting her in all conditions to be what she wants to be.

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