Thank you for helping our children become OVERCOMERS

Poverty, HIV, orphan hood, stigma and fear challenge the children of Buds of Christ. Yet the children have overcome these challenges and have successfully cleared their exams to make an entry into colleges. Except for one child out of the seven who have appeared this year, none of their family members have entered colleges in their life time, and this has been possible with the generous support extended by well-wishers .

Buds of Christ has been working with these children since 2008, to ensure they continue schooling by providing them hope and encouragement along with educational kits, school uniforms, special educational support for young children in 10th and 12th standard and support for higher education. This has eased the burden of many families on educating their children.

Shakti and Siva are two orphan children living with chronic illness. Their lives have not been very smooth, often ridiculed and discriminated due to their health status. The psychosocial support and the educational support these children have continued education and have cleared their public exams and will be entering colleges this year.

Four girls who have appeared this year are from widow-headed households and passing 12th will enable them to continue higher education and end the cycle of early marriages.

As Buds of Christ celebrates this moment, we thank our well-wishers, Global Giving for their support towards these children. With your supportive hand, the seven young people are now entering a new horizon.

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