Education Enlightens and Empowers Orphan Girls

"In my current circumstances it is impossible to study further, but it has been your support that is helping me personally to keep my dream alive" - Pavithra
Pavithra is 17 year old doing her B.Com 1st year in an Arts and Science College. Her mother has not been in school and was widowed when Pavithra was just 5 years old. With no education, her mother has been working as a daily wage (coolie) worker in the agriculture fields and managing the needs of Pavithra and her brother.
Pavithra's brother and her mother are affected by a chronic health condition and sometimes this affects her mother's earning. When Pavithra completed her 10th with Good grades, relatives from her family side wanted her to be married. Being a widow, though her opinions are not strongly accepted, but she stood firm and expressed interest of education her daughter until  graduation. On asking her mother how she was so firm in educating her daughter, she expressed
"I know the pain of not having studied. It is quite hard-work at the field and I do not want my daughter to go through the same struggle like me. If i had been educated, I would have looked for other options of work, but with no education, I have no choice but work as a daily wage worker and that does not fetch regular income”.
It was during that time, Buds of Christ has assured support for Pavithra for her education cost under its special project on educational support for orphan Girls. Now it's been three years Pavithra has been supported and she is showing good performance in her academics. Her dream is to become a commerce teacher and support her family. 

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