Oct 22, 2010

Adoption to become easier, Ministry to put information, photos online

New Delhi : Adopting a child may soon become hassle free. In a bid to make the process simple and easy, the Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD) has developed an online system where applicants can register and select a child for adoption.

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) has designed the Child Adoption Resource Information and Guidance System (CARINGS), putting online information about children up for adoption and their photographs. The system will be launched soon by Minister for Women and Child Development Krishna Tirath.

“This will end all paperwork and unending wait to adopt a child. Interested parents will not have to go hunting all around,” says Tirath. It currently takes at least six months to adopt a child.

The portal, say officials, will contain information of both the interested parents. Once they register themselves online putting in personal information like their motivation to adopt a child, medical information, whether they have a previously adopted child etc, they are given the choice of the adoption centre that they would want to deal with.

Once the centre informs them about the children that can be adopted, the parents can list their preferences such as gender, age etc. Within minutes they would be sent information including that related to health along with comments of a physician. A photograph of the child will accompany the same.

Based on this information, the interested parents will be allowed three choices. “The interested parents just can't reject a child one after another and cannot approach two adoption centers at a time,” says Anu J Singh, Secretary, CARA

The online process will first be launched for domestic users and then extended to inter-country adoption.

Sreedharan Nair, Director of Delhi Council for Child Welfare (DCCW), which runs adoption programme Palna says that an online facility will definitely make things easier. “There is a lot of paperwork which is required before proceeding for adoption. After the launch of this facility, all this paperwork will end making the process easier and hassle free,” he said.


Oct 14, 2010

Empower a grand ma to support her grand children - Immediate needs

Ms. Muthammal is a widow looking after her widowed daughter and three
grandchildren. She is 65 years old and not in a condition to work. Her daughter is living with HIV and is also affected by brain tumor. Her 3 grandchildren are studying with the support from Love India CCC and Buds of Christ, they live with a pension that comes from the government. They are also supported with basic monthly provisions through Nalam child development center. But these support they receive is too less for the family of five members. She does not want her grandchildren to stop education and go for work, the oldest studying 12th standard ,the second studying in 8th standard and the last girl child studying in 7 th standard. She strives hard by taking small odd jobs that comes occasionally to manage their extra expenses. She is now looking at opening a small petty shop in her village.To establish that petty shop she needs around Rs. 4000.
If there is anyone who will be interested to support this family, please contact us at jpaul@budsofchrist.org for further details. Your support will definitely make a change in her and the children that are dependent on her.

A Vegetable Cart that would improve the quality of life of a widow living with HIV and her son living with HIV

Ms. Nagamma is a widow and living with HIV.her son, 16 years old is also living with HIV. Her husband died at a very early age and they live in a rented house. She earn a living by selling greens visiting every house in the colony. For that she has to wake –up early in the morning around 3 am and walks about 4 kms to the main market to purchase it. As bus services from her place to the market is not available early in the morning,she has to walk that distance.Then she sells the product by visiting individual house.as the product is greens, she is not able to make major profits, she is able to get Rs 50-60 per day.with this amount she has to manage her house rent, water charges (as they do not have ground water ) and her son’s tuition costs. Due to walking long distances and heavy load on her head ,she is affected with severe leg pain .Though the physical ailment affects her mobility, she feels if she has a vegetable cart ,she will be able to sell more variety and with that she will be able to make a better earning.

For the vegetable cart , she needs a sponsor for Rs. 5000 to buy it for her own that would improve her health condition and quality of life. If anyone is interested to support her contact us jpaul@budsofchrist.org for further details