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Old Age Pension scheme of Govt - the benefits and the realities

The old age pension scheme offered by the government to deserving has been channelized by Buds of Christ to support children under the care of grandparents. So far 15 families, grandparent-headed households are benefitted with the scheme. Though the amount ` 400 is a small amount, this plays a significant role in meeting some of the needs of the family. The benefit is seen vital for families who have no other means of support ·          For families working in unorganized sector, and daily wages ·          For people taking care of grandchildren In the case of Priya, an adolescent girl orphan, this benefit was more supportive, when her grandfather had to take rest due to eye operation and had no option to do any kind of work. The amount was just enough to satisfy their minimal needs for the month. In the case of Krishnan and Radha both orphans under the care of grandfather and deserted by their father, this support has become an additional grant in meeting the day to day expenses. T