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About Buds of Christ - NOW

Buds of Christ focuses on children who have lost their parent/s and is living in disadvantaged circumstances of poverty, caste discriminated communities and HIV & AIDS.   We recognize that children without the care of parents or guardian are often vulnerable to various forms of abuses and exploitation. We strive to empower these children to reduce their vulnerability and help them grow up to be capable adults in this world.   Our Vision – Empowering Children, Enabling Wellbeing We believe that unless children are empowered, their wellbeing is not complete. Buds of Christ works under the H.E.A.L strategy with a mission “to love , listen , learn and lead orphans and vulnerable children to live life positively and with dignity and be children of hope and courage to their peers and to their community ” What do we do? Health: We influence the care provided by adults and social conditions that the child lives so as to improve a child' health We do this by Providing coun