Jan 25, 2011

Taking care of the old aged to take care of the younger generation - Recent experience from the field

India, though boasts of reducing the rate of new infections in HIV have failed to recognize the impact that HIV has caused on families that are already living with and affected by HIV. Among the most affected are children, especially orphans whose issues are left unaddressed. This experience calls for attention on the need to address issues of children holistically and includes even their care takers.

Below illustrates the recent experience that the center has been able to make significance to a HIV positive child’s life.

Ramu (name changed) aged 14 years, lost both parents to HIV and living with HIV is under the care of his grandmother. His grandmother had to stop working as a
school ayah due to poor eyesight caused due to old age (cataract). This resulted
in her and Ramu becoming dependent on Ramu’s uncle to meet the day to day expenses. Ramu’s uncle, a lorry driver could not accept the condition and treated both very badly. Though it is his mother, he had beaten her so severely that one day she came to Nalam center with a swelling in her face crying “I am not able to bear this torture, all this My grandson and I have to go through because we are dependent on him”, if only there is a chance of recovery for my eye problem, I would start going for work“.

The previous day her son (Ramu’s uncle) had beaten her and even hit her head against the wall yet, she did not want to file a complaint against her son.  In spite of her old age she was willing to get back to work, if her eye problem is corrected. Buds of Christ with its networking with doctors facilitated free eye correction at the Coimbatore Government Hospital provided travel and daily expenses. One of our staff accompanied her for the operation. Now, after the second day of the operation she is confident to get
back to work and stay independent to support herself and her grandson (Ramu), She was very grateful to the well wishers and support of friends of Buds of Christ.

Buds of Christ has made this possible through the humble contributions by well-wishers to the emergency medical expenses for children and their care takers.  If you are interested to support us in meeting emergency expenses of the deserving children and their care takers, you can follow the link on Donate. 

Jan 13, 2011

Misguided Kindness: Making the Right Decisions for Children in Emergencies

Using lessons learnt in emergencies, from the genocide in Rwanda to the Asian Tsunami and the earthquake in Haiti, Misguided Kindness, demonstrates what action is needed to keep families together during crises and to bring separated children back into a safe and nurturing family life.  Save the Children warns that people who support orphanages or international adoption in the belief that they’re doing the best for children suffering after a major emergency could in fact be putting those children in even more danger.

Read the full report at: http://www.crin.org/bcn/details.asp?id=23753&themeID=1005&topicID=1033