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What about growing adolescents living with HIV? - The emerging need

The advancements in care and treatment for HIV has brought in hope to many children and young people living with HIV, to live and contribute much to the society. As this success is seen,the challenge in helping children born with HIV and who have grown into adolescence is often neglected in our current programmes. The issue becomes more complex for adolescents ,especially girls from lower income group , and under the care of grandparents and widowed mothers. The reason being, mostly of the adolescents show lack of interest in studies and often perform poor in academics. Thanks to the department of education in allowing children pass till their 9 th grade that they go to school, but in their 10 th grade, most of them have not been able to pass the grade .On comparing the performance of adolescents enrolled with the center, more number of girls have failed than the boys. Such girls, especially those brought up by grandparents; do not show interest in pursuing their studies fur