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Buds of Christ was one among the organisations in the region to recognise that the emotional, social and cultural needs of children are as important as their material needs. As a result, since the inception of Buds of Christ we have advocated care of orphaned children in their families rather than institutionalized care arrangements. Over time we began to realise that, although this policy was being advocated and promoted in principle, the main focus and concern for community members, volunteers and many programme staff has been material needs. This is only natural and has become more pressing as the economic and material situation of communities has deteriorated. We have also noted that these communities are feeling totally overwhelmed with their situation and feeling powerless to support the many children affected by HIV and AIDS in their villages. Many field workers and volunteers report feeling embarrassed to turn up at the households of vulnerable children “empty-handed”

Class 12 - Achievers of Buds of Christ surpassing all obstacles

This year, 9 children at Buds of Christ appeared and all have cleared their 12 th exams successfully, despite all challenges and obstacles that they face due to HIV, stigma and poverty.  Out of 9 children who had appeared for 12 th standard, 7 children are under the care of widowed mothers living with HIV, one child has lost both parents to HIV. 3 children of widowed mothers have scored more than 1000 marks. All these mothers have not even completed their 10 th standard and belong to very low income status. The children and the mothers have battled the pressures from relatives and well wishers who often force young girls from such families to be married early or even suggest dropping from school and engage in cheap child labour. For instance in the case of Menaka, 17 years old she has scored 1028/1200 in her 12 th this year. She aspires to become an agricultural scientist. She is living with her widowed mother (living with HIV) who has not passed even her 10 th standar