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A family of 4 (including 2 teenagers) committed suicide in Namakkal - What went wrong?

What went wrong? In the recent incident in Namakkal district, a family committing suicide due to HIV and AIDS was a shocking instance to many, especially the agencies working in the field of HIV and AIDS. south/ aids-afflicted-couple-two-teena ge-children-commit-suicide-in- tamil-nadu-502698 As a center working with children and adolescents living with and affected by HIV and AIDS and their care takers, we had a small group discussion with young volunteers (HIV infected and affected adolescents) and women living with HIV. We first discussed on the causes and then the solutions one can do prevent such instances in the future, the discussion points are presented below; Causes: 1. Self stigma The fear of being stigmatized and discriminated by the community is the strongest reason .  “ though I am aware of the transmission routes,because of the moralistic connotation they link HIV with I still fear how my neighbors will treat me and my childr