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Communication and Story Telling workshop by AMRITA MADAN

SIF volunteer Ms. Amrita Madan’s, training on "Communication and Story Telling" was more thought provoking and also an opportunity for us to assess areas where we need to improve in our current communication practices. Buds of Christ staff team, Buds Leaders and representatives from other NGOs in the district learnt the need to communicate, communication strategies, and how communication need to be concise, focussed and consistent to bring a lasting impact. The workshop started with Mother Teresa’s quote “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless”. One of the participant expressed that he learnt how the strategy of CAR (Challenge + Action + Result) in communication can make the stories a successful communication. And for BUDS LEADERS (youth of Buds of Christ), it was an exciting moment to learn basics of story writing from their own life experiences. A simple example of writing about a pen brought in the creativity of the y

Addressing SELF-STIGMA associated with HIV and AIDS among adolescents

This month support group for young people had a clear purpose of addressing stigma related to HIV. As the focus of the organization for the year is to destigmatising HIV, the first meeting of the support for the year started with the session on the perceptions of stigma and ways in overcoming stigma. The discussion became emotional when the group shared their experiences of facing stigma. The sharing revealed how the young people were greatly affected by the discriminatory attitude towards them. As the group felt that addressing self stigma is much easier than sensitizing the community, the members evolved the following points as progressive steps for overcoming fear; Have complete information about HIV and AIDS and clarify any kind of myths and misconceptions Visiting or accessing places where one receives motivation and positive encouragement. Identify a trust worthy mentor who will guide and encourage Sharing   right information about HIV and AIDS to people in t