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Parenting Skills for Widow Mothers

The mother’s meeting for this month was focused on understanding ”what is parenting”. As the group comprises of widow mothers managing children from lifelong illnesses, in addition to being a nurturer, the women play an important role of being the breadwinner too. This has affected most of the women in spending quality time with their children. The parenting introductory session was to help the women understand the different needs the children have and how parenting can help in the well-being of the child. In the first session, the women were asked to identify the different a child has; and in that the women could only relate to the physical and educational needs. The social interaction and emotional needs have not been focused and some even expressed that due to the their health status they have imposed the children not to relate with others in the neighborhood due to the fear of stigma or being discriminated. Following this, the mothers were taught the four types of parenti