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Celebrating childhood on Nov 14 – Children’s Day

On November 14th, 2015 as we commemorated the children's day, Buds of Christ took the opportunity of organising 40 orphan children and 15 care takers together at our center premises. The purpose of the meeting was to help each child enjoy being a child and not be overwhelmed by the thoughts and fears of their orphan status and living conditions. The day started with active games to make them feel at ease, followed by the understanding of "why children's day is celebrated?"  and the rights of children under CRC . Following the presentation; competitions were organised for children on poem-writing, drawing and oratorical events . For many, participation in competitions and winning prizes have been for the first time. This gathering was unique in helping them understand the rights they enjoy, learn the rights that are denied and celebrating being children with peers orphan children. Following the competitions, each child was