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Educating and Empowering Orphan Children

Kalai and Kani are sisters from poor disadvantaged background. Both live with their mother, who works as a coolie worker and supports the family. Their father left the family when both were very small. Kalai and Kani are both studying in government school and Kalai is now in her 10th standard. Kalai's every day routine is cooking, washing clothes, cleaning vessels and cleaning up the house before she goes to school. Her mother leaves very early to work   and so she also has to take up the responsibility of looking after her younger sister too.   Kalai is very determined and   very positive about becoming a teacher and also aims at scoring more than 450/500 in her upcoming 10th public exams. She and her younger sister received the educational support from Buds of Christ. It was a very happy moment for Ramya, child living with her father affected by HIV to go into class 11th in this academic year. Her father had lost hope in her, but the constant coaching at Buds of Christ by