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Build a Positive Mindset - World AIDS Day with Children affected by AIDS

“I still cannot believe, but I have done it. I was able to share my status boldly among my friends and the care takers. I feel proud that I have done it, it was because of the encouragement, I got   from my leaders whose personal sharing in one of the support group has helped me to do it and also be responsible with my treatment” - expressed 10th standard orphan boy living chronic illness It was   a wonderful moment for more than 40 young adolescents and their care takers (totalling to 80 participants) on December 3rd 2016 at the Government Hospital, Salem   to commemorate the World AIDS day with the theme " Build a Positive Mindset ". This has been the first time, where the children and young people have been focussed and also played an important role   in the world AIDS day event. The   unique feature is that, the programme was co-ordinated by the young people   from the neighbouring district (Namakkal district) who have also battled the virus and living a life p