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National Girl Child Day - January 24th

National Girl child day commemorated on January 24th to highlight the importance of girl child was celebrated at Tiruchengode ART on 28th January with 10 HIV Positive girl children and their care takers at the ART centre premises. The meeting started with a video presentation (Komal) on the sexual abuse affecting young girls. After the video presentation a discussion on the forms of abuse young girls face and the solutions or the safety measures children can practice was done. Following this ,there was a short story telling on the gender preferences and disparities that affect the status of girl children and the purpose of the commemoration of National girl child day. This was followed by a discussion that reinforced the special status a girl child enjoys in a country. The day was also dedicated in honouring the care takers of young children by gifting mementos to the care takers by the children themselves. Prizes were distributed to the children who answered the quiz t