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WE CAN LIVE WITH HIV – A moment of double Joy for Buds of Christ on World AIDS Day 2017

The World AIDS day   2017 has been remarkable in two aspects, one the recognition of Buds of Christ work by the Government of TamilNadu, Salem District on World AIDS Day as Best Performance Award for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Services for Children and the other is the leadership the young people have taken in organising the event of World AIDS Day at Salem GH on December 2 nd 2017. It is not too easy to tell an adolescent affected by chronic illness to not lose hope, but can live positively. Yes the theme taken up by Buds of Christ to support the universal theme “My Health | My Right” is “WE CAN LIVE WITH HIV". The message was taken forward by the young people who are born with HIV to the younger generation. The World AIDS day was commemorated by Buds of Christ on 2nd of December at the Government hospital, Salem District. It was a combined effort of young people affected by HIV from Namakkal and Salem together to organise the event with a focus on children livin