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I learnt to respect relationships - Participant of Summer Camp 2011

"First i didn't make my mind to come, but after coming, I was excited to learn songs, especially English songs and going back home; I used to sing to others. At the same time, I like to dress myself with beautiful jewelry and through the camp, I learnt to make one and went around the village to show to everybody what I have learnt." "I was excited coming here because at home, I am all alone .coming here I made new friends and even learnt few words in English. You know I even tried picking up a conversation with a learned person in the neighborhood". "I was very happy about the camp, because it was not like a classroom. we learnt about the importance of appreciation and relationships and now that helps me respect my relationships at home". All these were the expressions of children who attended BUDS CURA 2011, Summer Camp for Children organised at Nalam Center Tiruchengode. The Buds Cura-name signifies healing was the touch we wanted to render to th