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Community youth training: The second training for the community youth volunteers was conducted in September and in this training the young people shared the challenges that they had experienced in organizing meetings in the villages, especially among the young boys. They were also trained with the new sessions on communication and base line research process to identify the problems prevailing in the community.
Community youth are young people who are selected from the 4 villages where health and HIV programmes were conducted last year. These young people are people who have committed to take the learning to new villages in the neighborhood and with their support 8 new villages have been initiated this year.
Changes in the lives of children
Improved health status: Punniyadevadai, 15 year old girl child who had been initiated second line ARV drugs is progressing very well in her health. Emergency support in the form of extra nutrition and expenses on monitoring tests checking her health progress was provided from Buds of Christ.
Emergency medical support is a support that is provided to children living with HIV from very poor economic conditions to ensure good health. It includes medicines, routine medical tests, transportation, care takers’ costs during hospitalization etc (those that are not covered under the government programme)

Placing an HIV positive child back in school: Ilamurugan is 12 years old and an orphan child living with HIV looked after by his aged aunt and uncle. He was referred to us by the government ART center, Namakkal as he was not regular in his medications (ARV). This had affected his health and so he could not attend school in this academic year. With the peer suppor…
Hard-earned joy of a grandfather
September month was a very happy moment for one grandfather who had tirelessly fought the government system to own a land in his name. Mr.Kanniapan is over 68 years old and looks after two grandchildren (a girl and a boy @ class 7) both living with HIV. He makes his living by doing iron-pressing business. 
He had been living in the village near rasipuram Taluk for more than 35 years and did not have a patta land on his own. He had put in a hut measuring 3 ½ cents and requested for a patta. As per government guidelines, people who fall below poverty line can own the piece of land for which they have paid the land tax and have lived there for more than 15 years. Though the law signifies it, availing the benefit was a tedious task. With the laying of NH road very close to his house, the requisition process was delayed. Though pressure was given from the district collectorate through the intervention from Buds of Christ, the power of the local influential we…