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Overcoming challenges by building SELF WORTH

Adolescent period is the most crucial period in one’s development. Lack of support and guidance makes many adolescents, both boys and girls vulnerable to make decisions that heavily impact their lives. In our work with adolescent children living with HIV, we have observed that they become poor adherers to treatment against HIV (ARV treatment). Most of them have started treatment at a very early age, but when they cross their puberty, most develop lack of interest and responsibility in taking treatment. This has resulted many adolescents contract other opportunistic infections very easily. In addition they show poor interest in studies. Recently on closely observing the conditions of young people and interacting with them personally, it was found, the HIV status has developed fear and lack of interest over their future. This has brought in very low self esteem among the adolescents that they take decisions of not taking medication hoping for earlier death. This is uniform amo