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Commemorating International Day of Girl Child on October 11th at Buds of Christ

The International day of the girl child stood it’s purpose, when Preetha, 15 years stood boldly and spoke about the state of rights ensured for girl child at the commemoration of the event with young girls and their care takers at BoC Children’s Center, Tiruchengode on 11 th October 2014. The event started with Ms. Gomathy, 17 year old emerging Buds Leader, shared the purpose why the day has been observed to the rest of the girls. She explained that t he observation supports more opportunity for girls, and increases   awareness   of   inequality   faced by girls worldwide based upon their gender. She shared the issues of access for girls in the context of orphan girls and HIV and AIDS. The main highlight was the presentation prepared by Preetha and her mother on the status of young girl of a widowed mother living with HIV. In her presentation it was vivid the attitudinal change that happened in her mother from the thought of getting her daughter married at an early ag

LOSS, GRIEF and BEREAVEMENT | Workshop by Experts from Singapore @ Buds of Christ

It has been a great   learning for the team, social workers and volunteers at Buds of Christ and NGOs working with children to understand loss, grief and bereavement from a group of experts from Singapore KK Women and Children Hospital who were here at Tiruchengode from 5th September to 9th September 2014. The workshop was conducted as part of capacity building of Buds of Christ   by Singapore International Foundation ( ). In this   workshop the key topics dealt were understanding what is meant by loss, grief, bereavement in the context of HIV and AIDS. As Buds of Christ focuses primarily among children and their care takers mostly widowed women, the sessions were also handled in these specific areas. In addition, the new concept of motivational interviewing and the tools that are used during the process was also shared during this workshop. This is to help young people be better adherers to treatment and for the counsellors to explore and support the liv