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Silent Yet Supportive – Courageous Buds Mother

Nadiya, the bold face and hope for many young girls living with HIV is the emerging star leader at Buds of Christ. Her life’s journey has not been a bed of roses but her persistent courage and confidence has helped her overcome her struggles. One of the key support that she leaned on to leap was her mother. Nadiya's mother not a literate was married as a second wife. Within few years of marriage, he died leaving Nadiya and her mother with HIV. Her mother, being the second wife and affected by HIV, was   discriminated at many situations. There were instances when the relatives and the step children stood agaisnt both of   them accusing them with harsh words and kept them out of any family occasions and functions. They moved on supporting each other. Then another failure struck Nadiya hwen she failed in her 10th standard, even at that moment, her mother was silent and supportive. Few months later, Nadiya and her mother were thrown out of the house they were living by the step

Saluting Geetha who is determined to see her daughters realise their dreams.....

Geetha, 36 years, mother of three girls was married when she was 16 years old. Even though she was a bright student in her class, her parents arranged her marriage to a lorry driver. Though she was upset that she could not pursue her dreams her marriage was a happy one as her husband was loving and caring towards her. After 12 years of marriage, when she was 28 years old and her third daughter was five years old, her husband died of AIDS. Geetha was immediately tested for HIV and was found positive. All her dreams of family and children just fell out of place as she imagined her three children dying due to AIDS. Hope of living came back when she learnt her three daughters were negative, but the fear of bringing up her three daughters engulfed her and it was then her brother consoled and brought Geetha to her mother's place. While she was at her mother's place she started visiting agencies for support and came to know about Buds of Christ. She learnt about HIV throug

Daring to move forward - Story of a persistent mother

Periakka belongs to a bonded labour family involved in brick-making business. Her two children, one daughter and son were also brought-up in the same environment. The eldest daughter married and got settled in the same community at the age of 14 years. So Periakka had lot of hopes on her son and she wanted him to settle outside the bonded labour work and was encouraging him to study.  When Karthik, her son was 12 years he became sick and was diagnosed of HIV. It was a shocking news to Periakka, as the only thing she knew about HIV was it caused immediate death and further tests upon her revealed she is not positive. Later she came to know that HIV has spread to her son through negligence in treatment setting.  With all these burden she came to know about treatment   for HIV and met other young people like her son Karthik. She regained hope and encouraged him to continue education. But Karthik discontinued his studies as he developed side effects for ARV and could not cope

March 8 - Celebrating International Women's Day - Honouring Our Buds Mothers

Life Testimony Sharing of a Widow Mother on her struggles to bring up her daughter The international women's day was celebrated at Buds of Christ with the women and the children on March 8th.The center was decorated with purple baloons and rangloi to mark the celebration mood. Even the programmes that lined up was to acknowledge the six women achievers of Buds for the brave steps they took in their personal lives to surpass the challenges the family and culture imposed. Introduction to March 8 - International Women's Day by Mary Julie, Founder Director A skit portraying the lives of women as empowered and fighting the challenging circumstances they currently face was put up by the young people of the centre. The centre also had the social workers from KKH women and children hospital,singapore  share their bonding with the women with an encouraging message . 6 women were awarded for BEST BUDS MOTHERS 2015