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Health affected her continuing school; but skills kept her going

After Priya’s father’s death, her mother started to go for work as a daily wageworker in a snack-manufacturing unit. With the income, the family has been a leadin g a tough life of meeting the family needs and educational needs of the children. In the end of year 2019, Priya studying in 10th was affected by a viral fever in December and was sick for nearly a month. She was hospitalized and then been at home for more than a month and that affected her attendance to school. In addition, due to hearing problem she was not able to attend the classes properly and found the en vironment  ve ry negative. She  was least interested to go to school and a lways found reasons  to be away from school. This worried her mother. At the same time Priya used to enjoy all the group sessions for children at Buds of Christ and always was very active an d regular. This surprised her mother and at the same time made her also feel happier about her daughter’s interest with the group. She was very good at ma